Out of Debt – Debt Free By Thirty

Debt Free By Thirty reached her financial goals and decided it was time to close shop.  Her financial journey is still online; hopefully the blog will stay up as inspiration for others in debt.

“Okay this post has been a really long time coming. 

We officially put our house on the market last Tuesday. It’s kinda been slow going but it’s expected to pick up this week. We’ll see.Who knew keeping your house spotless whilst being a faux single mother was so exhausting? It really does sound like it would be and it is. I am learning this.

But on to Debt Free by Thirty bloggy business.

As I already wrote, this has been a long time coming and I kept putting it off hoping that personal finance inspiration would hit me. It hasn’t.”  Keep reading…


Last Post – Derek K. Miller of Penmachine.com

Derek Miller wrote this last post, knowing that he had terminal colorectal cancer.  He passed away on May 3, 2011 at age 41.  

“Here it is. I’m dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote—the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive.”  Keep reading…

2009 Farewell _ English Major’s Money

Many bloggers write a last post and then take down their entire site months or years later.  I wish most would just leave up their blogs so that people don’t run into dead links.

“You’ve probably guessed that this is coming, but here it is: this blog is no more.

For those who are curious, I did get into graduate school—I got into the school that’s kind of been my dream school, actually—and that’s part of the reason to wrap things up here: I don’t consider it likely that I’ll be coming into any unanticipated reservoirs of time while trying to earn a PhD from a top program. I have a full tuition waiver and a living-wage stipend, and I’ll be doing some freelance editing to round things out, I think, so I do anticipate being quite busy.”  Continue reading...

No More Tales From The Academic Jungle

For some reason, this goodbye post makes me very sad.

“I have been toying with the idea of closing down the blog for quite a while. I wanted to be sure I would not go back on my farewells after a few days. The little hiatus announcement in the previous post was a prelude to this, I wanted to see if I’d immediately get blog withdrawal symptoms and if they would be manageable. I did and they were.” Read post

Last Blog Post – Some Alternative Routes Are Hazardous

Sometimes when you are seeking balance, you have to give up blogging.

“Our next chapter is about balance. Balance for us individually to do the things we want to do, balance to  not get sucked into the “mom” only life, balance for our marriage, balance to feel strong enough to stick with the parenting path that we know we want, though it’s less conventional in our circles. I had originally hoped to create a support system to help with this, but it’s mostly just us. Maybe that’s how it was supposed to be all along.” Keep reading..

Broken Links

It has been a frustrating process finding a blogger’s last post. I even remember reading the farewells only to discover that the person took down their entire blog soon afterwards.

Some examples:

Simple In France

An American ex-journalist living in France with her husband and child, maybe children now.  She stopped blogging before her first child was born.

World of Wealth

A successful woman from an upper class family who was chronicling her investments, including rentals.  It was an interesting read for me to see how “the other half” (i.e. people who inherit $$) manage their finances.  She stopped blogging when she started a serious relationship and wanted more privacy.  I found a tidbit of her farewell post even though the blog is gone.

Little House on the Southern Prairie

I didn’t read her blog all the time, but she was a regular commenter on one of my favorite blogs “Consciously Frugal” that seems to be in hiatus.   Little House focused on family life and simplicity.  I did find a small article about the blog. I guess it’s hard or impossible to erase all traces of you on the internet.

Dog Ate My Finances

As you can guess from the blog title, the topic was money.  She had an interesting voice and I think often stirred up some controversy.  She went off the radar around 2010.
More “dead” blogs to come as I think of them!

Last Post – Early Retirement Extreme

After 5 years, Early Retirement Extreme stopped writing for his highly popular personal finance blog. The posts and comments have been left up so that people can still read and learn about money and how to retire from the rat race. Note: I notice newer posts so I’m not sure if he returned at some point or if most are guest postings.

“Maybe about a year ago, ERE was still known only to a few [thousand] “insiders” who knew it well and it was great. Lately it has become widely known (I suppose partially this has been my own fault for wanting to get the message out) and thus I have become sort of a public figure [at least on the internets]… Well, I’ve found that I really don’t like being a public figure. I want my ideas to be famous and get attention but I don’t like my person to get attention.” See original post.