Not So Fairy Tale Ending – Jodifur

 “Once upon a time there was a girl.  A girl, who read perhaps too many blogs.  Who read so many blogs that one day her husband said, “you read so many blogs you might as well write one.”


And so she did.”  How did this fairy tale end? Continue reading… UPDATE: As of 8/27, the blog may have been deleted. Sorry for the dead link but I hope it’s just a temporary error.



Thinner and Wiser – I’m Losing It Here

Another blogger’s journey has run its course.

I’m Losing It Here started out as a way for me to document our family’s journey to find our way out of crushing debt, as well as a way to track my weight as I’d just lost 30 pounds and intended to keep it off. Along the way though something I never thought would happen did . . . people found my blog, read what I had written, and came back again. Some commented, others didn’t, but over the past three years readership has grown to numbers that continue to surprise me and fill me with gratitude. I’m very proud of my little blog that could.” Continue reading…

Out of Debt – Debt Free By Thirty

Debt Free By Thirty reached her financial goals and decided it was time to close shop.  Her financial journey is still online; hopefully the blog will stay up as inspiration for others in debt.

“Okay this post has been a really long time coming. 

We officially put our house on the market last Tuesday. It’s kinda been slow going but it’s expected to pick up this week. We’ll see.Who knew keeping your house spotless whilst being a faux single mother was so exhausting? It really does sound like it would be and it is. I am learning this.

But on to Debt Free by Thirty bloggy business.

As I already wrote, this has been a long time coming and I kept putting it off hoping that personal finance inspiration would hit me. It hasn’t.”  Keep reading…