September 11th Posts – Metro Dad

Every September 11th, Metro Dad publishes a letter to a close friend killed in the terrorist attacks that day.  While not technically a last post, Metro Dad does not write often. However, he never forgets to write a letter to his friend, so this blog is likely to end with one of these letter posts.

“Dear Andy,

Someone once said that early September brings out the kind of bright blue skies that people who love New York love most about New York. The skies are not only magnificently blue but they also have a light, crystalline hue that gives the illusion of seemingly infinite visibility. The brightness of the late summer sun always makes this one of the most beautiful times of the year. You never really see a sky like this any other time of the year.

Sometimes I wish I could enjoy it more.”  Keep reading…


Goodbye Post – Hairpin

Does Twitter mean the death of blogging? Another blogger bids farewell to loyal readers.

“Hey, young lovers.

I’m out. No! It’s going to be okay. This is the internet, I’m not, like, moving to a new city your parents won’t want to drive you out to on the weekends. And I’ve written a rambling books post for you that will be up later this afternoon, so this is not The Last of Nicole for today, even.” Read more…