Hello and Goodbye – Hi And Low

Some people delete their blogs once they shut down. I love that HI + LOW is keeping their blog up as an archive.

“HI + LOW has been a collection of interesting things I’ve come across or made. Now that that particular focus has shifted, you can find me over on Instagram @abbyclawsonlow. Think of it as HI + LOW 2.0 — the same, but different.”  Continue reading…



Thinner and Wiser – I’m Losing It Here

Another blogger’s journey has run its course.

I’m Losing It Here started out as a way for me to document our family’s journey to find our way out of crushing debt, as well as a way to track my weight as I’d just lost 30 pounds and intended to keep it off. Along the way though something I never thought would happen did . . . people found my blog, read what I had written, and came back again. Some commented, others didn’t, but over the past three years readership has grown to numbers that continue to surprise me and fill me with gratitude. I’m very proud of my little blog that could.” Continue reading…