Last Cigarette – Bebe Suisse

Bebe Suisse is an American living in Switzerland with her Swiss husband and new baby.  The blog chronicled her journey to parenthood.  I titled this post “Last Cigarette” and I think the meaning becomes clear when you read her post:

“There are blog posts I always skip: those of the meta- variety. But, well, the question was asked – why I blog – so here I am, producing a meta-post of my own that the tit-for-tat gods would totally smile on you for skipping…” But don’t skip, keep reading…


Not Quite A Farewell – Miss Minimalist

Sometimes you have to move on and simplify your own life.

“What I’m craving now is a total immersion in the present. I don’t want to put Plumblossom  in her pack-and-play in order to check email, or write blog posts in my head while I’m reciting nursery rhymes. And when she’s cozy in her crib, I don’t want to make a mad dash to get online; I want to sit out on our deck and stargaze with my husband.

This time in our lives is fleeting, and I want to savor every moment—and right now, that involves decluttering my digital life in favor of my real one.

Blogging involves a fair amount of navel-gazing; and in my opinion, this self-analysis can sometimes feel like an added weight on one’s soul. In contrast, I’d like to live each moment like Plumblossom does—appreciating the beauty and wonder of the world, without the burden of documenting it.”

But this concept applies to far more than just possessions. When I travel, I’m not only unencumbered with material things, I’m free of schedules, worries, and obligations. I’m usually unplugged (no laptop and no cell phone), and often so immersed in the here and now that I even forget to take photographs.” Read original post...